Customised Magnets

In case you have not found what you need, NdFeB magnets can be customised according to your request. 

Various kinds of sintered NdFeB magnets in specific shapes and sizes such as blocks, cubes, cylinders, discs, spheres, rods, rings can be ordered. 

Once you know the magnet specification you would like to use, please contact us by email or fax. We will make you a non-binding and gratis offer. Please send us the following information, if necessary a sketch or drawing with dimensions. 

Dimensions in mm

Dimensional Tolerance , usually +/-0,1mm, tolerances up to +/-0,05mm are available too, but the cost will be higher. Please ask for further information.

Grade, range from N28 (1.08 Tesla) to N54 (1.50 Tesla) and depend on the maximum operating temperature

Maximum operating temperature range from 70°C to 230°C

Magnetisation Direction (for example: cube 20x10x5mm) magnetised through 5mm, which means that north and south pole will be on each side

Coating: There is a variety of coatings, but nickel is the most common and usually preferred. Some other options for coating are: Zinc, Copper, Chrome-Nickel, Tin, Gold and Epoxy (black)


We will calculate a unit price including incidental expenses such as costs for tools and machines. Based on the calculated unit price, we will make a firm offer. 

Minimum order quantity depends on the desired magnet for order of custom-made magnets up to 200 € in value we have to charge a fee. 

Delivery time for custom-made magnets could be between 4-14 weeks. 

Customised Magnets

*Usual delivery time approx. 14 weeks

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