Why are the magnets so strong?

NdFeB stands for neodymium iron boron. This alloy can be very well magnetised.

Do the magnets lose their power over time?

If used correctly, neodymium magnets permanently retain their magnetisation.

What should I do to make sure that the magnets retain their power?

NdFeB magnets may only be heated to the specified ambient temperature. Furthermore, they can permanently lose their adhesive force.

Why are the magnets coated?

The magnetic material corrodes and loses its power. Coating protects the magnets.

How much weight can the magnets hold?

The holding force of the magnets depends not only on the magnet itself, but also on the attractable material, the spacing, the ambient temperature, etc. For this reason, the holding power stated is only an approximation.

Why are the delivery costs so high?

Magnets attach themselves to most metals. This also applies to postboxes, conveyor belts and car metal sheets. To ensure that your magnets arrive safely, they must be shielded as much as possible. The packaging must be an appropriate size.

Are the magnets available in other sizes?

You can indeed obtain these magnets in different shapes and sizes. Visit our online shop.

Are the magnets suitable for children?

Neodymium magnets are extremely strong and may cause bruising. Swallowing a magnet can have life-threatening consequences. Consult a doctor immediately!

Can the magnets damage my credit card, mobile phone or camera?

Magnets can destroy magnetic strips (keep them away from your credit card!). This applies to all magnetic data carriers. You should also keep the magnets away from your mobile phone or camera, as the displays of such devices can react to them.

Can the magnets break?

Yes, at high velocities or impacts, the magnets may break, or small pieces may chip off.

Can I glue the magnets together? What kind of adhesive can I use?

Any adhesive which is also suitable for metal can be used. 2-component adhesives such as UHU endfest 300 are particularly durable.