D6x4mm - N35 Neodym Cylinder Magnet - plastic-coated/waterproof

D6x4mm - N35 NdFeB Scheiben Magnet - kunststoffummantelt/wasserfest
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  • Z-006-004-R
Dimensions without sheathing   Sheathing about 1 millimeter thick Weld seam... more
Product information "D6x4mm - N35 Neodym Cylinder Magnet - plastic-coated/waterproof"
  • Dimensions without sheathing 
  • Sheathing about 1 millimeter thick
  • Weld seam clearly visible due to the production process
  • Possible storage-related imprints on the plastic coating

Technical data
Product Code: Z-006-004-R
Shape: Disc
Addition: waterproof
Diameter: 6mm
Thickness: 4mm
Tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Magnetisation Grade: N35
Magnetisation Direction: through 4mm
Max. Temperature: 80°C
Coating: plastic-coated
Weigth: 0.9g
Holding Force: 0.25kg
Peculiarity: all dimensions without plastic coating! thickness of the plastic coating approx. 1mm